Level 4 Diploma in Cyber Security

Level 4 Diploma in Cyber Security

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  • Course Code: 603/3331/5
  • Lectures: 31 hours per week
  • Duration: 6 Months
  • Skills Level Level 4
  • Languages: British English
  • Students: UK, EU and Non-EU
  • Assessments: Assignments
  • Class Days: Monday-Friday

Level 4 Diploma in Cyber Security provides the opportunity for individuals to develop a more advanced career in a specific area of business or public organisations by developing analytical knowledge and deeper understandings of several core cybersecurity operational domains. The course will also provide
useful generic management and leadership teaching at key points in order to help learners to build essential support from within the business for their cybersecurity work including (but not limited to): Project Management, Risk Management and Business Case writing skills.



At the end of the course, learners are awarded

Level 4 Diploma in Cyber Security 


Key Features

  • Develop the knowledge, understanding and skills required for success in cyber-security related employment
  • Qualification is accredited to UK Regulated Qualifications Framework by Ofqual at Level 4 and awarded by Qualifi Ltd awarding organisation
  • Enhance your employment & further education progression at the degree level
  • Study includes a trip to businesses in the sector to enrich your awareness about the subject
  • Course is available to UK & International (EU & Non-EU) students
  • 120 Credits Qualification
  • Certificate and Transcript at the end of the Course
  • Achieve International Recognised Qualification in Cyber Security

The rationale of the programme is to provide a career path for learners who wish to develop their core capabilities within the cyber security and risk management sector. The outcome of the Diploma, which is a recognised UK qualification, is for learners to develop the cyber security skills required by organisations globally. In doing so, the qualification looks to develop the cyber security team leaders, managers and leaders of the future through the creation and delivery of learning appropriate for that industry. It is also to provide a pathway via learner credits and potential direct entry into Level 5 Cyber Security Degree programmes.


  • Month 1

    Unit 01 - Cyber Security Threat and Risk

  • Month 1

    Unit 02 - Network Security and Data Communications

  • Month 2

    Unit 03 - Database Security and Computer Programming

  • Month 3

    Unit 04 - Incident Response, Investigations and Forensics

  • Month 4

    Unit 05 - Security Strategy: Laws, Policies and Implementation

  • Month 5

    Unit 06 - Cyber Security Threats and Risk: Banking and Finance

  • Month 6

    Qualification Certificate and Transcript are Awarded to Students

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