Level 6 Diploma in Business Administration

Level 6 Diploma in Business Administration

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  • Course Code: 603/1037/6
  • Lectures: 31 hours per week
  • Duration: 6 Months
  • Skill Level: Level 6 (Graduate Level)
  • Languages: English
  • Students: UK, EU and Non-EU
  • Assessments: Assignments
  • Class Days: Monday-Friday


The Level 6 Diploma in Business Administration meets the need of those wanting to gain a qualification that provides a firm grounding in business administration and a basis for further study at the postgraduate level.

This qualification focuses on the functional areas of management and administration within an organisation and how those disciplines integrate at the operational level, linking with the overall corporate strategy to achieve short-, medium- and long-term objectives.



All learners should be invited to an induction event to be introduced to the programme in detail
through presentations and discussions with tutors and the centre support team.

Students will complete five units and achieve the following qualification

Level 6 Diploma in Business Administration



Key Features

  • Develop problem-solving techniques and critical thinking skills in a business situation.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of internal structure and external relationship for companies doing business at an international level.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the organisation and its management system.
  • Manage budget and perform financial analysis of the organisation for effective decision making.
  • Develop managerial and leadership skills to manage team performance.
  • Achieve 120 credits
  • This qualification level 6 is equivalent to UK Bachelor (Hons.) degree level
  • Qualification is accredited to UK Regulated Qualifications Framework by Ofqual at Level 7 and awarded by Qualifi Ltd awarding organisation
  • Enhance your employment & further education progression to the postgraduate degree i.e. MBA/MSC
  • Study includes a trip to businesses in the sector to enrich your awareness about the subject
  • Course is available on campus to UK & International (EU & Non-EU) students
  • Certificate and transcript are awarded to reward learners’ achievements

There are five mandatory units for this qualification. All units cover a number of topics relating to learning outcomes. Learners are required to complete five units to achieve the 120 credits required to gain Level 6
Diploma in Business Administration. Learners will be expected to attend lectures and workshops that
will introduce the subject matter.


  • Month 1

    Unit 01 - Management Control

  • Month 2

    Unit 02 - Management of Salesforce

  • Month 3

    Unit 03 - Strategic Marketing Management

  • Month 4

    Unit 04 - Business Law

  • Month 5

    Unit 05 - Research Project including Research Methods

  • Month 6

    Qualification Certificate and Transcript will be awarded to students

  • Level 6 Diploma in Business Administration Student Handbook