Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology

Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology

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Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology develops learners' ability to solve complex applied computing problems in Information Technology. Learners will learn to manage IT projects and find out how information technology affects society. Further, it will also create ability to learner to design, plan and organise technology-based projects that are produced on time, to high standards and within budget.

Qualification Structure

The overall structure of the course is based on 6 mandatory modules that cover a number of topics relating to learning outcomes. Each unit has the equivalency of 20 credits. Learners will be invited to attend lectures and workshops that will introduce the subject matter.
  1. Information Systems Methodologies
  2. Mobile Communications and Programming
  3. Advanced Software Engineering
  4. System Management and Security
  5. Robotics and Automation
  6. Database Systems and Applications
Learning Objectives
By the end of this qualification, the learner will be able to:
  • Compare methodologies for use in organisation using standaridsed framework of system development.
  • Understand computer system, architectures and networking
  • Design applications for mobile devices including use of wireless communication.
  • Understand, evaluate and measure software quality and quantity in modern software engineering environment.
  • Create security strategy to protect a system from possible and threats to hardware, software, data and the continuous operations of the system.
  • Explore applications and implications of industrial automation and design architectures of autonomous guided vehicles.
  • Design and develop web enabled databases and visual elements of web based project.
  • Understand data integrity and security requirement and develop conceptual and enterprise data models.


Entry requirements

For entry onto the this qualification, learners must possess:

  • Experience or the previous level qualification (as a minimum entry). We accept a range of qualifications. Please enquire to know if you are eligible.
  • Learners must be 21 years old or older at the beginning of the course.



Accreditation and Certification

At the end of the programme, learners will achieve

  • Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology, awarded by EBMA.

Learners will also progress to MA/MSC IT/Computing dissertation stage at University.


Learners will study following modules

  • An Introduction to Lesson Planning
  • Teaching English Vocabulary
  • Teaching Pronunciation
  • Understanding English Grammar
  • Teaching Receptive Skills: Listening and Reading
  • Teaching Productive Skills: Speaking and Writing
  • Teaching English Grammar
  • History of the English Language and English Language Teaching
  • Teaching Materials and Aids and Classroom Management Strategies
  • The Effective use of Resources for TEFL



You will have following careers in any public or private sector school, college, training provider, organisation or university

  • English Language Teacher
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Teaching Adults
  • Teaching Young Learners

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