COVID 19 Update


We would like to reassure our distance learning / online students who live in different locations of the world that we take this current Coronavirus outbreak very seriously and the impact it is likely to have on our students’ academic progress for some time to come.

For online students

  • If you want to extend your course, we will not charge you any extra fees.
  • If you are given 4-6 months to complete the course, you have now 12 months.
  • The student support team are happy to assist you with any query you have during this outbreak.
  • Online Chat support is available to assist you in any topic you will feel difficult to understand.
  • If you want to contact us, please write your full name and the Student enrolment number as a reference. An email should be directed to

For Campus students

  • All campus students are given access to the Online Learning Platform to continue their study as normal.
  • There will not be any campus-based learning and teaching during spring/summer 2020.
  • If everything gets back to normal, your classes will start on 22nd September 2020.

New Students Registration

  • Online and distance learning students– You can apply for admission anytime. Our intakes are opened each month. There is no interruption in our services to issue admission, and proving you learning, teaching and student support services.
  • Campus-based student can only apply to study on campus for 22nd September 2020 intake.

Results and Certification

  • The mode of assessment in our courses is assignments only (no exams). Students are receiving feedback, results and certificates, more effective as compared to last year.
    • If you submit an assignment, you will receive feedback within a few days (three to seven days)
    • Short courses certification are issued within three days of passing the course
    • Externally accredited qualification certifications are issued within 14 working days after external quality assurance of assessment by the awarding body.

Do you need any support, please contact the student support office at

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