Quality and Standards

Governing body

Governing body at Cambridge Management and Leadership School provides strategic leadership and direction to the organisation. It

  • sets and approve long-term strategic plan
  • approves policies,
  • approve the budget,
  • defines expectations and delegates powers to committees, and ensure that the organisation is meeting its strategic aims and objectives.
  • Review organisational performance.
  • Set standards of behaviour.
  • Promotes values for the whole organisation and behaving with integrity
  • Work within the rules of ethics and the code of conduct of members.
  • Take informed transparent decisions and managing risk
  • Develop the capacity and capability of the board to be effective
  • Engage stakeholders and making accountability real and
  • Take responsibility for regulatory oversight and ensure the organisation will remain in compliance with applicable accreditation, regulatory and legislative requirements.

Quality and Standard Committee

The Committee shall act in an advisory capacity, monitoring academic performance and making recommendations to the Governing body

Appeals Committee

Appeals committee meets on an ad hoc basis as required to discuss and determine appeals relating to suspension, dismissal, disciplinary and grievance decisions e.g. suspensions of staff for serious or gross misconduct.

Panels (Appeals/Compliant)

Panels are established by the Principal on an ad hoc basis to deal with academic appeals, enquires against results, and complaints.

ISO 31000

Cambridge Management and Leadership School policies, systems and processes are aligned with ISO31000 Risk Management Framework. For CMLS risk management is holistic and integrated.  The identification of risks is done by staff and management who have detailed knowledge of the organisation’s operations, operational risks are overseen by the Principal and escalated to the Governing Body. Strategic risks are considered by the Governing Body at each meeting. In this way, the organisation identifies and prioritises its most important risks.

Quality Assurance

Cambridge Management and Leadership School policies, processes, procedures and systems to assure the quality of learning and teaching and the standards of the awards it confers are aligned ASIC Accreditation Standards, Awarding bodies criteria (e.g. Qualifi and ABMA) of school approval and applicable legislative requirements.

Students Support

Cambridge Management and Leadership School “CMLS” is committed to ensuring that our learners are given the right opportunities and support in order for them to achieve all that they are capable of achieving. We will support learners by:

  • Providing current and up to date information in relation to the qualifications that we offer
  • Identifying the correct qualification to meet their needs.
  • Offering points of referral for any needs that we are unable to meet.
  • Providing clear and transparent fees.
  • Providing any pre-course information or guidance in good time
  • Ensuring delivery staff, assessors and quality assurers are occupationally competent
  • Ensuring learners are aware of the assessment requirements of the qualification
  • Ensuring learners have fair access to assessment
  • Ensuring learners are aware of the process where competence has not been shown
  • Ensuring learners are aware of our appeals and complaints procedures
  • Ensuring learners are aware of short-term study rules, regulations and our policies relating to learning, teaching, assessing and the quality assurance of assessments.
  • Ensuring successful learners receive certificates within good time.